3 Yoga Studios in Melbourne

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Collingwood Yoga Studio
Brunswick Yoga Studio
Carnegie Studio
Glen Waverley Yoga Studio


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Summer Healing Yoga is:

To compliment an excellent yoga experience we work with a great community of practitioners from across Melbourne and further afield in the following areas and more.

  • A place to expand the study of consciousness, mindfulness and empathic awareness in the local, national and global community.
  • An opportunity to unite anyone working with similar passions and the dharma of sacred contracts to connect and grow together.
  • A place for people to come to heal.  To relax, stretch, breathe, meditate and feel empowered so they can approach each moment with presence. Presence in their work, family, personal and life decisions.
  • A community of open dialogue with the intention to learn and grow from one another, in order to go deeper into self-inquiry and revelation of spirit.
  • A facility to weave a web of unifying spirit and love, so that all beings may experience peace, love and freedom from suffering.
  • Summer Healing Yoga’s mission is to develop and expand the study of consciousness into our society. This is implemented through connecting like-minded people whose passion and interests revolve around building a community of health and empathic awareness.We also seek to improve the bio-psycho-social-spiritual health of the general populous, and aim to do so via the intelligent science of Yoga.  By connecting the community to the precepts of Yoga we aim to kindle a spiritual awakening, encompassing the health promoting benefits of holistic, complementary and alternative healing methodologies to create a unity of body, mind and soul.  This communion of action, thought and deed stemming from an awareness of our place and part within the whole, and the interwoven nature of all life, and all levels of consciousness.</p>
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