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SomaChi Yoga Workshop. The Introduction to the Foundations – Collingwood

April 14, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Teacher : Nicky Davidson

‘ Soma ‘ is the Alive, intelligent body.

We explore this within the workshop

‘ Chi ‘ is Energy which moves within & outside our body.

It is Chi that causes Aliveness !

‘ It’s like a dance. The whole body awakens, working together shoulders and hips mirror one another, upper and lower body integrates humanness in action.

If we are more in touch with soma (body) we can have deeper results for ease, calmness, and relaxation. Most of all we can appreciate who we are in our bodies. ‘    Quote ~ Lianne Metcalf

Outline of SomaChi Yoga Lineage

SomaChi Yoga is held within the lineage of Buddhism, Taoism, shamanistic and somatic practices.

We are deeply concerned with yoga and its dharmic benefits. Whilst we maintain traditional values, they are contemporary in nature.

The Hatha practices are driven by the Krishnamacharya tradition, and the transitions between postures are strongly influenced by Tai Chi and Ashtanga.

An outline of what will be covered in the workshop (dot points):

  • Learning about Resting Down and establishing ground
  • Experiencing our thorough ‘ warm ups ‘ which prepares the body for the practice
  • Learning about qualities of ‘ Chi ‘ within movement
  • Discovering through experience why our fluid practices of rolling motions bring such benefit.
  • Learning & practicing the first main SomaChi sequences.
  • Discovering the difference between Embodiment where we are nourished & enlivened by our yoga practice and mechanical movement.
  • See how playfulness can take us into experiences of discovery.
  • Hands on adjustments
  • Q & A

Investment : $50


Summer Healing Yoga Somachi Studio
Level 1/281 Smith St, Fitzroy Victoria 3065 Australia + Google Map