Brett has a wide range of skills to gently and profoundly holistically assist your healing—physically, psychologically and emotionally.

With HYPNOTHERAPY Brett can help you to change the programs in your unconscious mind that have been causing you so much trouble. Whether you bite your nails, suffer anxiety attacks, beat yourself up because of low self esteem or confidence, lack direction in life or have an addiction, hypnotherapy can help you.

Get off the dieting merry-go-round and LOSE WEIGHT with a hypnotically introduced Virtual Gastric Band. Four and six week programs.

ENERGY HEALING is a fast way to rid yourself of emotional blocks and restore the energy balance of your body. Energy Healing includes rapid elimination of limiting beliefs and troubling thoughts as well as mind protection techniques. This modality is rapid, effective and leaves you feeling better immediately.

Call 0425 732 428 and have a chat to Brett about how these therapies may help you.