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Flourish and Grow with Kemetic Yoga Training at Our Melbourne Studios

Challenge yourself and grow into the yoga teacher you believe you can be with the first ever Australian Kemetic yoga teacher training with Yirser Ra Hotep Lawrence from the United States of America.

Our teacher training sessions will run on the following dates:

Oct 16th-24th 2018

9 Day immersion into Kemetic Yoga to become an internationally recognised Kemetic yoga teacher

Full price $3500

Early Bird put your $500 deposit down before July 1  and receive the early bird price of $2900

Oct 16th-22nd

9-5pm second Story Studios Collingwood

Please contact us for pricing

Oct 22nd- 24th

This training includes luxury accommodation with all meals cooked, hot springs and the last two days of training at Rye on Mornington Peninsula.

Please contact us for pricing

What is different about Kemetic yoga?

Kemetic Yoga is the ancient Egyptian system of creating health, wellness, fitness and enlightenment for your entire being.

With our Kemetic Yoga training in Melbourne, our instructors and guest instructors emphasize the safest and most effective method of performing the physical postures, while teaching you how to apply the mental/emotional skills that you gain from your practice to your everyday life experiences. This will assist you to become more successful in your professional, personal and inner life spheres.

In our Kemetic yoga training workshops, you will gain expertise in:

  • The performance of yoga movements and postures in a safe and welcoming space. These will be performed to an effective standard that will allow you to cultivate your health, improve fitness, manage stress, detoxify your life, meditate and get in touch with your internal energy
  • Basic and advanced breathing and meditation techniques that will induce a permanent state of mindfulness.
  • Principles and methods of holistic nutrition, internal detoxification, herbalism and food combining just to name a few.
  • You will also learn teaching strategies, techniques and methodologies for teaching children and teens including those with special needs.
  • Learn the skills to create and conduct stress management and wellness programs, seminars and workshops for corporate clients.
  • Develop tools and knowledge to become a holistic life coach for highly motivated and professional clients
  • How to effectively and safely teach yoga using the YogaSkills Method of Rule of Four Breathing and Geometric Progression
  • The performance of Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) Yoga postures. Kemetic postures are those that are found on the temple walls and sacred texts
  • Finally, you will also learn the history, philosophy and spiritual science of Kemetic Yoga as a tool for understanding universal law and the origin of civilization.

If you would like to discover the ancient art of Kemetic yoga at our sought-after immersive Melbourne workshops and training sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact Summer Healing Yoga today.

For more information regarding our Kemetic yoga training, please contact Summer Healing

At Summer Healing Yoga, our mission is to develop and expand the study of consciousness and mindfulness into our greater society. We do this through our immersive training workshops and teacher training, community engagement, daily yoga practice and more.

To discuss our range of options for Kemetic yoga training with Yirser Ra Hotep Lawrence, or about any of our sessions or training then please get in touch today.


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