Pre Natal Yoga Training

Summer Healing Yoga

50hr Pre- Natal Yoga Teacher Training
For already qualified Yoga teachers.

Help assist the journey of new life on earth
Reducing birth trauma and encouraging a stress free approach to pregnancy.

Movement and Breath

  • Learn to teach accurately for each Trimester
  • Learn how to modify poses and how to use props to assist for each trimester
  • Learn contra-indications for each trimester

Asana – a combination of flow, static, strength and restorative poses to offer our pregnant students what they need to prepare them not for birth, but also for the months after giving birth.

Pranayama – teachers will learn breathing exercises which help to decrease stress, calm the mind, improve sleep and increase energy.


Teachers will learn what happens to the female body anatomically and physiologically when pregnant. Each trimester will be discussed including the common changes and common experiences throughout each stage.

Yoga Philosophy for Pregnancy

Study of the scriptures can assist women with Jnana Yoga the yoga of knowledge to help educate them on holistic wisdom during this time.

Study of the subtle body

Studying through the philosophy of Yoga when the subtle body is formed and the incarnation of a journey to earth can assist mothers to see more holistically and from a cosmic view the journey the baby and mum to be are embarking on.

Post Natal Training

We will learn experiences associated with women who have recently given birth, and the physiological changes to the body after giving birth.

Teachers will also be taken through a series of postures and yoga exercises which can be given to women postnatal and will be given the chance to sequence a post natal yoga class.

Practice teaching

Teachers will teach in our sea pre-natal yoga program to give great experience and confidence in teaching pre-natal yoga.


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