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Rebirthing Breathwork Training & Conscious Connected Breathing Tuition

At Summer Healing Yoga, we offer breathwork facilitator training that’s based on the theories of Jahn Hooks and Babajis. They are leaders in the field of intentional breath, which is also called Intuitive Energy Breathing, rebirthing breathwork or conscious connected breathing. In short, the idea of this healing practice is that we breathe in energy, not just air. To breathe as a healing act, it’s necessary to fine tune the art of using breath from passive action to intentional practice.

Rebirthing Breathwork Training at Summer Healing Yoga

Summer Healing Yoga has studios across Melbourne where you can begin your journey as a teacher of rebirthing breathwork. We offer a range of classes in breathwork in Brunswick, Melbourne. If you wish to be a practitioner who teaches others, we also offer a 12 week Conscious Connected Breathing Course which will accredit you to be a Breathworker Practitioner.

What Do You Do As A Breathworker Practitioner?

Our rebirthing training will provide all the knowledge you need to teach other people how to breathe with greater ease, healing and intention. You will be able to bring profound relaxation and release to the bodies and minds of your clients. Most people have a large accumulation of stresses that have built up over the course of their lives. Healing rebirthing training allows you to be a teacher of healing breathing, alleviating tension and trauma in people’s lives.

After having ten 1 to 2 hour sessions with a fully qualified Breathworker, most people will be able to learn the skill of breathwork. Having mastered this skill, a person can maintain connected breathing for at least one hour at a time. They’re then able to call on the healing power of divine energy whenever they need it.

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

Rebirthing is a kind of self-healing technique that any human can learn. While tension encourages disease, relaxation encourages healing. Deep breathing allows parts of the body to relax. Breath is therefore the ultimate healer.

How Does Rebirthing Breathwork Heal Us?

During rebirthing breathwork, we make contact with the eternal spirit in the continuous now of experience. In this way, the linear birth-death cycle is disrupted and we instead become a conscious expression of the eternal spirit. To do this, we must heal the various human traumas using the healing power of breath.

What Are the Benefits of Rebirthing Training?

There are many benefits to completing rebirthing breathwork training with Summer Healing Yoga. You can start your own business as a rebirthing practitioner, bringing in income while you help people heal physically and mentally. Here are some additional benefits to this professional practice:

Help Your Clients Get Healthier

Clients with health conditions will likely notice improvements in their wellness as their entire body learns to deeply relax during rebirthing sessions.

Help Your Clients Become Happier

A relaxed body is a happy body. As your clients’ bodies start to relax and let go of troubles and sadness, there will be more room for happiness and vitality.

Help Your Clients Get More Peace of Mind

A relaxed body produces different kinds of hormones which have a more positive effect on mental health and wellness. Deeper relaxation therefore makes for greater peace of mind.

Plus Enjoy All These Benefits for Yourself, Too!

You will learn all the techniques to successfully apply the theories of rebirthing to a person’s experience. You can also use these interventions on yourself to experience all the benefits for yourself and be a walking example of the healing ability of rebirthing breathwork.

Enrol in Rebirthing Breathwork Training Today

If you’re intrigued by the idea of being a Breathworker Practitioner, enrol in rebirthing breathwork training today at Summer Healing Yoga. If you want to book our breathwork facilitator training in Melbourne, call us today on 0432 293 924.

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