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Hot Yoga Training Courses at Summer Healing Yoga

For hot yoga in Carnegie and surrounds, you can’t beat our hot yoga training courses that teach you everything you need for a deep and enriching hot yoga experience. If you’re not sure why you should try hot yoga, we’ll explain. Many yogis find that the heat in the room during one of our hot yoga training courses allows them to stretch their bodies out more fully than in a normal room temperature. It’s like being in a sauna, so your muscles are relaxed, supple and able to work harder without strain.

What Are The Benefits of Hot Yoga in Carnegie?

  • Increased Flexibility − The heat of the room during a hot yoga training course allows your body to stretch further than in a normal room temperature environment, increasing flexibility.
  • Full Body Detox − The increase in heat leads to an increase in energy necessary to do the yoga poses, which means that you sweat a lot. This allows you to reduce water retention and eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Glowing Skin − Exercising in a hot yoga training course boosts circulation more than a room temperature workout, and better circulation means a healthy flushed and dewy appearance.
  • Weight Loss − The heat of the room and work necessary to hold the yoga poses combine to provide a high level calorie burning workout that can help to build lean muscle mass.

Where Can I Do Hot Yoga Training Courses in Melbourne?

At Summer Healing Yoga, we have studios for hot yoga training courses in 2 locations: Carnegie and Brunswick. If you’re looking for hot yoga in Carnegie, Brunswick look no further! Give us a call today with any questions, or book in for a class by calling us on 0432 293 924.

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