Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

If you’d like to develop or further your Kundalini yoga practice, the talented and knowledgeable teachers at Summer Healing Yoga can help. We offer classes at our Kundalini yoga studio, with locations in Carnegie and Brunswick. When you come to Summer Healing Yoga, you can receive expert guidance to improve your Kundalini yoga practice.

What is Kundalini Yoga Practice?

Kundalini yoga practice is a combination of spiritual and physical pursuits, such as movement, dynamic breathing, meditation and mantra chanting. All these activities work together to move the practitioner towards higher vitality and greater consciousness.

What Does Kundalini Mean?

The Sanskrit translation of Kundalini is “coiled snake”. It was believed then that divine energy was located at the base of the spine, wrapped up like a coiled snake. Kundalini helps to “uncoil the snake” and unify us with our divine energy.


What Are the Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Practice?

A Kundalini yoga workshop allows you to become aware of the geometry of your body, its energy, emotion and motion. It works to clear up energetic blocks in the body that could be causing either emotional or physical disease. This kind of yoga also helps to quiet the mind while providing confidence and resilience.

Learn Kundalini Yoga at Summer Healing Yoga

Summer Healing Yoga has some of the best yoga teachers in Melbourne who really care about their subject area and their students. If you’re looking for a Kundalini yoga studio, we’ve got three situated in Carnegie and Brunswick. To learn more or make a booking, call us on 0432 293 924 or email info@summerhealingyoga.com.au

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