Yoga With Weights

Yoga and Weight Training in Melbourne with Summer Healing Yoga

You might not be aware, but yoga and weight training is actually the perfect combination of physical activities for building strength and flexibility in the body. At Summer Healing Yoga, we offer yoga with weights training in Carnegie and at our other two studios in Brunswick.

What is Yoga with Weights Training in Brunswick?

Just as it sounds like, yoga and weight training uses yogic asanas and pairs them with weights that add greater intensity to your workout. This manifests in a gentle yet effective method for adding lean muscle to the body. Here are some of the benefits of yoga and weight training:

  • Flexibility and strength
  • Restless
  • Heavy
  • Stuck
  • Toxic
  • Pained

You might not feel any of the above, conversely. Sound healing in Melbourne is for many people for many different purposes. You might just want to bathe in the luxurious experience of a sound healing while doing your favourite yin yoga asanas. That’s fine, too. We’re here to create an enjoyable and beneficial session for yoga and sound healing in Melbourne.

Looking for Sound Healing and Yin Yoga in Melbourne?

At Summer Healing Yoga, we offer yoga and sound healing in Melbourne in an activity that’s a beautiful combination of physical, spiritual and mental rejuvenation. Experience our sessions for sound healing and yin yoga at one of our 2 studios, located in Carnegie and Brunswick. Ready to book in for sound healing and yin yoga? Call us on 0432 293 294.

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