Yoga Teacher Training

Our next 200 Hour Teacher Training intake will be in Carnegie August 2021 and Brunswick August 2021. These courses will be available at Carnegie and Brunswick Studios as 5 and 10 month courses online and/or in Studio depending on the restrictions

Become a Yoga Teacher in Melbourne to Develop and Expand Your Knowledge

Get the training you need to become a yoga teacher in Melbourne from experienced yogis. At Summer Healing Yoga, we impart all the knowledge you require to successfully lead your own yoga classes, helping people from all over the world get more in touch with their spiritual side and improve their fitness.

Summer Healing Yoga RYS 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a dynamic culmination of hands on ancient yogic study and practice through a broad study of the many styles of yoga, including the 8 limbs of yoga; Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Siddhas and Tantra. Our modern day integrative medicinal approach combines both eastern and western principles of yoga in our urban evolution and practical daily lives.

Course Content to Become a Yoga Teacher in Melbourne

Our course to help you become a yoga teacher in Melbourne is internationally accredited with Yoga Alliance. It is the perfect balance of the following subjects:

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Physiology
  • Yoga Subtle Bodies
  • Yoga Anatomy
  • Yoga Teaching Methodology
  • Meditation
  • Business Development
  • Self Inquiry and Self Study
  • Yogic Nutrition
  • In-depth pranayama and breathwork sessions

Our training will assist you to be among the most confident and well trained yoga teachers in the field. This 5 month or 10 month training will transform your life. It’s a complete embodiment of the teachings, with all the practical skills you need to take yoga to a whole new platform in our culture.

The Founder of Summer Healing Yoga

Aimee Bracks has been studying and teaching yoga for over 15 years. She set up Summer Healing Yoga in 2009 and has since gone on to open 4 locations with over 20 qualified yoga teachers and one of the best conscious communities in Australia. We currently have studios in Carnegie and Brunswick.

Course Cost

Summer Healing Yoga has made the course accessible to most people’s budgets, as we believe this course is an integral part of every human’s understanding of the self and the science of the universe.

Meet Mickey

Mickey’s life is dedicated to the understanding of self using yoga as his main framework. Mickey started practicing yoga back in 1994, completed his 900 hour teacher training course in 2007 and has been teaching full time since. His journey led him to learn and practice with an array of distinguished teachers across the globe, amongst many, one of his greatest inspirations- Clive Sheridan, elucidating the essence of yoga particularly through Advaita Vedanta and tantric philosophy.

Mickey teaches the full gamut of yoga styles from vinyasa, meditation, pranayama to yin yoga and sound healing, with an esteemed schedule teaching at Melbourne’s most revered yoga studios. His style is eclectic due to his diverse experience and background, incorporating all the aspects of yoga in a class, will challenge students physically, educate them anatomically and inspire them spiritually, always with a sense of lightness, humor and joy.

Mickey endeavours to remind his students that whilst the practice gifts us with delightful physical and mental benefits, essentially it is the pathway back to discovering our deep inner nature of stillness and peace. He feels that setting space for students development through retreats (which he runs regularly) and teacher trainings allows for a most authentic experience and understanding of what the practice can reward.

In 2018 Mickey embarked upon the role of teacher trainer, now senior lecturer at Summer Healing’s 200hr hatha & vinyasa TT course and both writing and running the 50hr yin TT course. This new pathway has bought Mickey much delight to be able to share his knowledge and take students deeper in their search for understanding yoga, fostering his own immersion to enlighten also.

Aimee Bracks

2009-present Founder of Summer Healing Yoga Carnegie Brunswick Glen Waverley Carnegie Lower Templestowe, 2020 Tree of Life Kabbalah Training 2019 Rebirthing Breathwork Trainer 2019-2016 Yoga Lecturer and course content writer 2016-2018 Founder of Ahimsa Yoga and Music Festivals Kemetic yoga 2016 rebirthing breathwork certificate with sondra ray jahn hooks mark ray Zeroum law 2016 awakening the illuminated heart drunvalo Mechizedek Certifications Eckhart Tolle Retreat (2014) .

Gurudev Swami Nityananda Meditation Intensive (2014) . Kriya Yoga Initiation (2013) . Yin Yoga Teacher Training-Jennifer Crescenzo{2013} Yin Yoga Fundamentals; Simon Borg Olivier (2013) Diploma of Metaphysical Holistic Counselling ,Advanced Diploma of Yoga ; Australian Yoga Academy (2009) • Power Yoga Teacher Training – Power Living (2006 Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness (2006) Advanced Kahuna Massage (2001) ; Diploma of Remedial Massage (2000) About To share and understand the gift that life is, is my motivating passion. For me the science of yoga is a discipline to uncover all of the gold and diamonds that we already own.

What a blessing it is to inspire others to realise their own limitlessness. Notes about Aimee’s Classes I encourage all to attend. I love to teach a slow deeply meditative yin class and a physically strong yet still deeply meditative yang class, I am deeply moved by the yogic philosophy and hope to keep the wisdom alive through sharing the knowledge from the sutras and the Gita.

Our Approach to Yoga Teacher Training

Our approach is to make the training available to everyone who is ready to take on this challenging yet rewarding study. You will be fostered to discover your true self and guided on your path to growth. Our yogis will take you on an enjoyable journey through the basic and more complex principals of yoga and the art of teaching it. We believe this is just the beginning, and we offer a unique and life changing course of study.

We no longer live in caves as yogi apprentices, waiting for enlightenment to strike. Nor are we expressly selected to be taken away to learn the secrets of yoga by some great yogi. These days, we must select ourselves; put our hands up for the journey to become a yoga teacher in Melbourne. Summer Healing Yoga can give you all the knowledge you need, and we have 3 yoga studios across Melbourne.


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